Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

A growing number of individuals and organizations are claiming that a new type of energy source has been discovered -- one much more powerful than all known chemical sources and without the high cost or damaging radiation of current nuclear sources. This controversial and potentially hugely important topic deserves balanced, open-minded analysis but suffers instead from preconceptions, arrogance, disinformation, incredulity and group-think. The purpose of this web site is to provide in-depth objective analysis of all the interesting aspects of LENR, beginning with the fundamental question:

Are LENR Devices Real?

What if they are real? Visit Comparing Energy Sources to learn how prototype LENR devices stack up against conventional energy sources.

There's a new long duration test report due any day on the E-Cat. How will the results be interpreted? Assessing the "Lugano" E-Cat Report.

LENR at a Glance

Skeptics Corner